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Wouldn’t it be great if all it took to reach a goal was to wait around for something to happen, like receiving a phone call from a prospective employer? By simply being amazing, and nothing more, others would take notice without knowing you and beg you to be on their team. Yah, like fat chance that is going to happen anytime soon.

But we all know that’s not reality. To get something we truly want (and deserve) requires action. 

Winners use the “act as if principle” to make things happen. Act as if what you want will happen if you start to take action to make it  happen. Get a clear understanding of this phenomenon: At least 85% of all people who read are actually able to read, comprehend and retain what they read but fail to take the final step. Do you remember what the final step is? Winners do, because they can read, comprehend, retain and take action. Yes, action is the final step. All of the fancy, inspirational motivational sayings in the world are useless unless you take some kind of action with them. That is why the world is not beating a path to your doorstep to offer you a job. Motivational speakers recommend writing what you want to achieve and read it every day, which doesn’t do squat from diddly if you don’t take action in your own self-best interest.

At Quality Resumes by Ed Bagley, my mission is to spark and inspire a positive action to generate the right kind of reaction–a job offer. My work is not complete until I help you secure an interview and land that job you’ve been striving for.

After 34+ years in the resume writing business, more than 6,100 clients have landed high-end job offers because of my personable, effective expertise and experience. There is no doubt in my mind that I have the tools, tactics, and procedures necessary to improve your situation with a better opportunity.

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Online Hiring Threatens to Do Away With Traditional Hard Copy Resumes – Is It Really True? (Part 1 of a 4-Part Series)

Copyright © 2007 Ed Bagley

The presentation of this story in my Wednesday daily newspaper is dramatic.

A smaller headline in color above the main headline says “Digital Job Searches Gain Ground”.

The main headline says “Straight to the Waste Basket” and shows a picture up top of a resume folded like a paper airplane headed presumably for a wastebasket (if you are wondering, wastebasket is one word, not two).

Is it really true? Well, I guess that depends on who you are talking to and what advice you choose to believe.

The story—and I use the word story rather than article because I believe most of the story is make believe—makes some observations and assumptions that are without substance in fact.

“Instead of reading your resume,” says Daine Stafford of The Kansas City Star, “an employer might ask you to fill out an online form or take an online test that measures how well you fit the job, based on responses from successful workers.”

That is an observation and at least the first part of it is correct, that more and more employers are asking for an email version of a resume rather than the traditional hard copy (printed) version we have used in recent decades.

Stafford says “Google, for example, uses a screening program to measure applicants’ attitudes, behaviors, personality and biographical details. Answers are scrunched in a formula that creates a score, indicating how well the candidate is likely to fare on the job.”

Fair enough, Google probably does so if Stafford says so.

I have often wondered what a screening question like “Which would you rather be: 1) a monkey, 2) a bear, 3) a tiger, or 4) a kangaroo?” actually tells human resources about a person’s personality that they could not better find out by interviewing them.

If you get the impression that interviewers are personnel types who are lazy in the hiring process, you might be right. Anything to get them to the point where they have nothing to do but push paper around, and look important and arrogant in the process (like I have mine, screw you).

Stafford continues: “It’s all electronic,” said Michael Doyle, a 60-year-old job seeker from Prairie Village, Kan. (sic), who recently landed a job through personal contacts. In nine months, Doyle said, he’s spoken to exactly two interviewers as a result of online postings.”

My guess is that Doyle may have submitted an email version of his resume to dozens, if not hundreds, of online destinations.

I could have told Doyle that probably 60% of all hiring is contacts, knowing people in the workplace or knowing people who know people in the workplace. Yes, it helps to have qualifications, but it helps more to have qualifications and know someone who wants to help you.

Reading about Doyle’s experience might lead me to conclude that online posting is not the best method to proceed here given the results. No wonder hiring is so screwed up.

From this and another example, Stafford then draws the conclusion that the applicants “discovered that resumes have gone digital.”

She goes on to say “In some cases, resumes have disappeared from the hiring process completely. Some employers don’t even want them in digitized format. They prefer customized online forms, tailor-made to cull the applicant field.”

Again, anything to make it easier on personnel types, we certainly would not want to put them out for even a minute of their precious time.

From the input of experiences of two applicants this conclusion comes bursting forth as implied truth that a new paradigm has taken place in the America business of hiring.