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Don’t ever let poorly written resumes and cover letters stop you from getting the job you know you deserve. Your continued future success relies on the degree of resume craftsmanship that will market you at a higher, professional level, and is best provided by an expert writer with proven success.

My upscale, professional, quality resumes have worked well for thousands of clients who have acquired job interviews and offers, and I  have every reason to believe that they will work for you. I will create a cover letter for you that emphasizes your most marketable skills. I will design stationery for you with your own personal letterhead so you can follow up after interviews, and correspond with the organization during the hiring and negotiation process.

Quality Resumes by Ed Bagley offers four different professional and effective packages to choose from, each designed for a specific income level.

Quality Full Brochure Resume Package

My upscale Quality Full Brochure Resume Package is printed on double-sided 11-by-17-inch, 80-pound ivory paper to become a 4-page, 8.5×11-inch brochure featuring a full cover page, and a 3-page resume inside with an accompanying cover letter. This resume package is ideal for executives, professionals and managers with annual incomes at $60,000 through $500,000 annually, including those without college degrees. I will not do a project unless it is top quality and top drawer.

Quality Split Brochure Resume Package

My upscale Quality Split Brochure Resume Package is printed on double-sided 11-by-14-inch, 80-pound ivory paper to become a 3.5-page, 8.5×11-inch brochure featuring a split cover page, and a 2.5-page resume inside with an accompanying cover letter. Again, this resume package is ideal for executives, professionals and managers with annual incomes at $60,000 through $500,000, including those without college degrees.

Everything that comes with the Quality Full Brochure Resume Package is also included with the Quality Split Brochure Resume Package. The only difference is the half-page-less size which creates the more dramatic looking cover page, causing your highlighted strengths to more effectively pop out at potential employers. Not all occupational situations call for this type of resume. If you order this product and it doesn’t seem like a good fit, I will let you know immediately and suggest a more effective resume design.

Quality Basic Brochure Resume Package

My upscale Quality Basic Brochure Resume Package is printed on double-sided 11-by-17-inch, 80-pound ivory paper to become a 3-page, 8.5×11-inch brochure featuring a cover page, and a 2-page resume inside (the back page is blank on purpose), and an accompanying cover letter. This resume package is ideal for students graduating with a bachelor’s degree, students graduating who have an associate and a bachelor’s degree, for administrators, managers and supervisors with annual incomes near $50,000 through $80,000, and for workers who do not have any college degrees but have had experience and success in the marketplace.

Everything that comes with the Quality Full Brochure Resume Package is also included with the Quality Basic Brochure Resume Package. The only difference between the Quality Full Brochure Resume Package and the Quality Basic Brochure Resume Package is there is one less page to market and sell you as a potential hire.

Quality Single Page Resume Package

My Quality Single Page Resume Package is printed on an 8.5×11-inch, 80-pound ivory paper single sheet with an accompanying cover letter.

The Quality Single Page Resume Package is ideal for high school graduates looking for a first job, or for an entry level position up to $40,000 annually, especially if the client has little experience and no college degree. It is also appropriate in certain selected occupations where the income is greater but the candidate is not interested in a supervisory position.

An example of an exception would be a certified classroom teacher with 20 years of experience and a master’s degree who is making $80,000+ in a public school system and simply wants to change his or her location or school district. When this same teacher secures a Master of Educational Administration Degree, and wants to move out of the classroom and become an educational administrator, principal or vice principal, then they should move up to the Quality Full Brochure project. Otherwise, they are mis-marketing themselves, and what they have to offer.

Everything that comes with any of the Quality Brochure products is also included with the Quality Single Page Resume Package.

The Final Product: Craftsmanship You Can Count On

You will receive 25 hard copies each of your resume and cover letter, along with stationery and envelopes. The single-page resume product includes regular business envelopes, and each of the three brochure products include 9 x 12 catalog envelopes. Your hard copy resume is what you want to get in front of the most influential person you can. In addition, you will receive a fax copy, in case they ask for one, and, trust me, it is likely that they will, despite the use of PDF files and attachments to an email.

I will also create 6 email conversions in two different formats for applying at online job sites. Three will be attachments to an email that look very similar to your hard copy, and the other three are text versions you can post online at a job application site, and could also go in the body of an email when requested to do so. When you are asked to apply by email, you will be prepared with 6 versions, each to suit a particular purpose. All of the email conversions will be in Microsoft Word for easy downloading at their respective destinations, and will come with specific instructions on how to use them, when to use them, and what to expect as a result of using them.

When you make the decision to have me create your resume and cover letter, simply call me. After initial contact, we’ll talk about your individual situation and which package will give you the most advantageous representation. The consultation and resume writing process will start from there!

The time to change the course of your professional future is now. Call me personally at 253-565-6484 or 800-965-6484 for more information today.  I do not charge for a resume writing consultation. I am willing to share my experience, talent and knowledge with anyone who is open and willing to listen. Should you decide to not proceed with a project, you will at least expand your knowledge and understanding of the marketplace and how to successfully navigate through it.

Online Hiring Threatens to Do Away With Traditional Hard Copy Resumes – Is It Really True? (Part 1 of a 4-Part Series)

Copyright © 2007 Ed Bagley

The presentation of this story in my Wednesday daily newspaper is dramatic.

A smaller headline in color above the main headline says “Digital Job Searches Gain Ground”.

The main headline says “Straight to the Waste Basket” and shows a picture up top of a resume folded like a paper airplane headed presumably for a wastebasket (if you are wondering, wastebasket is one word, not two).

Is it really true? Well, I guess that depends on who you are talking to and what advice you choose to believe.

The story—and I use the word story rather than article because I believe most of the story is make believe—makes some observations and assumptions that are without substance in fact.

“Instead of reading your resume,” says Daine Stafford of The Kansas City Star, “an employer might ask you to fill out an online form or take an online test that measures how well you fit the job, based on responses from successful workers.”

That is an observation and at least the first part of it is correct, that more and more employers are asking for an email version of a resume rather than the traditional hard copy (printed) version we have used in recent decades.

Stafford says “Google, for example, uses a screening program to measure applicants’ attitudes, behaviors, personality and biographical details. Answers are scrunched in a formula that creates a score, indicating how well the candidate is likely to fare on the job.”

Fair enough, Google probably does so if Stafford says so.

I have often wondered what a screening question like “Which would you rather be: 1) a monkey, 2) a bear, 3) a tiger, or 4) a kangaroo?” actually tells human resources about a person’s personality that they could not better find out by interviewing them.

If you get the impression that interviewers are personnel types who are lazy in the hiring process, you might be right. Anything to get them to the point where they have nothing to do but push paper around, and look important and arrogant in the process (like I have mine, screw you).

Stafford continues: “It’s all electronic,” said Michael Doyle, a 60-year-old job seeker from Prairie Village, Kan. (sic), who recently landed a job through personal contacts. In nine months, Doyle said, he’s spoken to exactly two interviewers as a result of online postings.”

My guess is that Doyle may have submitted an email version of his resume to dozens, if not hundreds, of online destinations.

I could have told Doyle that probably 60% of all hiring is contacts, knowing people in the workplace or knowing people who know people in the workplace. Yes, it helps to have qualifications, but it helps more to have qualifications and know someone who wants to help you.

Reading about Doyle’s experience might lead me to conclude that online posting is not the best method to proceed here given the results. No wonder hiring is so screwed up.

From this and another example, Stafford then draws the conclusion that the applicants “discovered that resumes have gone digital.”

She goes on to say “In some cases, resumes have disappeared from the hiring process completely. Some employers don’t even want them in digitized format. They prefer customized online forms, tailor-made to cull the applicant field.”

Again, anything to make it easier on personnel types, we certainly would not want to put them out for even a minute of their precious time.

From the input of experiences of two applicants this conclusion comes bursting forth as implied truth that a new paradigm has taken place in the America business of hiring.