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Want a Six-Figure Income Without Getting a College Degree of Any Kind? Here Is How

Copyright © 2007 Ed Bagley

As someone who has 5,000+ high-end clients who are interested in jobs and careers, I paid attention Tuesday when
I came across a story about six-figure incomes by Laura Morsch of CareerBuilder.com.

According to Laura Morsch and the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, “physician jobs dominate the list of the nation’s highest-paying positions, holding 9 of the top 10 most lucrative jobs.”

Morsch reminds us that there are other high-paying jobs in our economy.

“Although statistically more education means better pay,” says Morsch, “you can land a very high-paying job with just a bachelor’s degree and considerable work experience.”

She then goes on to list these 9 examples: Chief Executive at $140,000, Airline Pilot at $135,000, Dentist at $134,000, Lawyer at $111,000, Air Traffic Controller at $106,000, Engineering Manager at $105,000, Computer and Information Systems Manager at $102,000, Marketing Manager at $102,000 and Astronomer at $101,000.

I have clients making
six-figure incomes in all of Morsch’s examples, however, you need more than a bachelor’s degree to realistically become a Dentist, Lawyer or an Astronomer; therefore, they are not good examples.

I have a client making $350,000 a year with a high school diploma.
I have another client making $144,000 who is a high school graduate with two additional years of technical training. A third client is making $250,000 with a high school diploma only. All three of these examples are men.

Men can make excellent money with a high school diploma in a number of occupations.

Women can also make $100,000+ with a high school diploma, but they tend to do it generally in three ways:

1) They own their own business, usually a small business that is very profitable. Some research organizations report that there are more small business owners making
six-figures-plus than
in any other job or occupation.

2) They work on a commision basis rather than having a salary. A sharp woman can many times outsell a man because of the dynamics between the sexes. A sharp woman calling on a male client many times gets more time and attention than a male calling on the same client.

3) They work in a financially-related position, such as a stockbroker, mortgage banker, mortgage broker, loan officer or chief financial officer.

Here is some information you can use if you are
a high school graduate and have zero interest
in getting a bachelor’s degree at this point in your work career: go into sales if you have any people skills or personality.

Sales is the second highest paid profession in the world, and it does not usually require a college degree. There are some corporate sales jobs that do require a degree, but there are many more opportunities available if you can generate sales production.

There is not a single business in America that cannot benefit from more sales, and almost every one will pay for sales production.

Here is some even better news: If you are selling and producing big time and the owner or company is too cheap to compensate you at the level you should be compensated at ($100,000+++), dump the owner or company and sell for someone else.

A far better idea would be to start your own business, go into competition directly against the cheap owner or company that would not pay you, and wipe them off the map.

There really is no reason you should be working for someone else anyway. Working in your own business can be an outstanding deal. You call your own shots. You will not fire yourself, lay yourself off, or deny yourself promotions, fat bonuses for production, outstanding benefit packages, and a lot of time off to enjoy your money and family.

The nine examples listed above have 7 positions that amount to no more than hired help, that includes the Chief Executive position. Only the Dentist and Lawyer positions might be either self-employed or hired help.

All nine examples cited by Morsch and the Bureau of Labor Statistics have more stress than anyone needs and are labor intensive. Even the Dentist and Lawyer positions, which might be self-employed, require them to report to work or not get paid. If a Mac truck runs over either them, their income stops in a heartbeat.

Has anyone ever heard of income-producing investments when these job opportunities come up? Income producing assets allow you to take possession of your own time while your investment throws off the income to fund your lifestyle without working a job.

It might be fancy to have any of those nine jobs with status and making $100,000 a year. Some people would rather make $250,000 a year and not have a job, have a boss, and deal with the stress.

Here is a rare career path: Own the business, company or organization and hire the six-figure people in the examples above to work for you. There are people who would gladly pay the above examples their listed wages when they could make $250,000 free and clear and not work.

Who needs status and aggravation when you have money?

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Everything that comes with the Quality Full Brochure Resume Package is also included with the Quality Basic Brochure Resume Package. The only difference between the Quality Full Brochure Resume Package and the Quality Basic Brochure Resume Package is there is one less page to market and sell you as a potential hire.

Quality Single Page Resume Package

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The Quality Single Page Resume Package is ideal for high school graduates looking for a first job, or for an entry level position up to $40,000 annually, especially if the client has little experience and no college degree. It is also appropriate in certain selected occupations where the income is greater but the candidate is not interested in a supervisory position.

An example of an exception would be a certified classroom teacher with 20 years of experience and a master’s degree who is making $80,000+ in a public school system and simply wants to change his or her location or school district. When this same teacher secures a Master of Educational Administration Degree, and wants to move out of the classroom and become an educational administrator, principal or vice principal, then they should move up to the Quality Full Brochure project. Otherwise, they are mis-marketing themselves, and what they have to offer.

Everything that comes with any of the Quality Brochure products is also included with the Quality Single Page Resume Package.

The Final Product: Craftsmanship You Can Count On

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I will also create 6 email conversions in two different formats for applying at online job sites. Three will be attachments to an email that look very similar to your hard copy, and the other three are text versions you can post online at a job application site, and could also go in the body of an email when requested to do so. When you are asked to apply by email, you will be prepared with 6 versions, each to suit a particular purpose. All of the email conversions will be in Microsoft Word for easy downloading at their respective destinations, and will come with specific instructions on how to use them, when to use them, and what to expect as a result of using them.

When you make the decision to have me create your resume and cover letter, simply call me. After initial contact, we’ll talk about your individual situation and which package will give you the most advantageous representation. The consultation and resume writing process will start from there!

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Online Hiring – Many Job Hunters Are Frustrated With the Continual Digitized ”Depersonalization” of the Hiring Process (Part 4 of a 4-Part Series)

Copyright © 2007 Ed Bagley

Many clients of
mine have filled out customized online forms tailor-made to help them only to find out later that they were receiving calls on their cell phones from telemarketers, and needing to get a bigger mailbox as suddenly they were inundated
with unwanted advertisements.

How did those advertisers get such pertinent information? Answer: the good fairy brought it to them while they were sleeping, in other words, they bought it from the source of the customized online information form.

Stafford continues her groundbreaking story with this piece of riveting information:

“John Sullivan, a management professor at San Francisco State University, says most interviews are as valuable as Ouija boards in measuring whether a person will be good on the job.

“Interviewers ask the wrong questions, and job candidates can lie, or simply not shine when on the job they’d do quite well, he (Sullivan) says—all the better for online assessments. Companies—especially those that hire thousands of workers and have high turnover—are turning to a range of computer-based filters to pare down candidates to a manageable number.”

I could not disagree more with what Sullivan has to say
as a management professor who is likely quoted as an expert.

It may well be that Sullivan himself does
not have the necessary skills and competence
to get anything out of a face-to-face interview with a potential hire
in his university department. That
would be his problem.

Stafford does end her story with this observation: “Many job hunters are frustrated with the digitized ‘depersonalization’ of the hiring process.” Amen.

Just when personnel types and those hiring should be asking
more questions of candidates in an increasingly complex world they are turning to forms for the answers. Good luck and God speed.

If potential candidates hope to represent my companies or me they had better be ready
to sit down, look me
in the eye, and sell themselves.

In most cases I am old enough to be their father. In many cases I am old enough to be their grandfather. My children call me a fossil, but I still read people so well one-on-one that I would not trust an online form to separate the wheat from the chaff.