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Want a Six-Figure Income Without Getting a College Degree of Any Kind? Here Is How

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by Ed Bagley

As someone who has acquired 6,100+ high-end clients who are interested in jobs and careers, I paid attention when I read a story about six-figure incomes based on information from the Unites States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicating that physician jobs dominate the list of the nation’s highest-paying positions, holding the Top 10 most lucrative jobs that are “equal to or greater than $208,000 in annual income”.

They include psychiatrists, oral or maxillofacial surgeons, obstetricians and gynecologists, general internal medicine physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, prosthodontists, orthodontists, physicians and ophthalmologists, and family medicine physicians.

Next in line were chief executives, nurse anesthetists, and dentists at $183,000 in annual income.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is interested in keeping these kind of salary statistics for demographic and political purposes (political districts gain more representation in the U. S. Congress when the population increases).

It is a funny thing about statistics: politicians and propagandists can easily use statistics to prove a point they want to make, but seldom does it represent the complete story about what really happened or what it really represents. There is generally a backstory that is too often unseen and unknown to the reader or observer, which, when given the light of day, can offer a totally different impression.

For example, it is easy to show statistically that a person with a bachelor’s degree will generally earn more income over their adult working life than a person with only a high school degree or no specific professional training that would lead to a license or certification in an occupation or industry that could generate more annual income.

Seldom are we told about any exceptions to the statistics given. Most workers would be ecstatic to earn $183,000 in annual income with a full benefit package worth $45,000 that would give them a total compensation package of $228,000, or more than a quarter million dollars.

My clients generally are professionals (that is, there are a pro at what they do, whatever that may be), generally earn $60,000 to $140,000 in annual income, and are either in management or supervision or want to be.

As a creator of high-end professional resume products, about 30% of my clients do not have an associate degree or no degree at all, and the income of some clients with no degree may attract your attention.

For instance, during 35+ years as a high-end resume writer,
I have a client with no high school degree and not even a GED equivalent that is generating $500,000+ in annual income.

I have three of them, and another generating $650,000 in annual income and another generating $700,000 in income, all of whom have no high school degree and no GED equivalent. I ask my prospective clients, what occupation or industry do you think they are in?

Their responses generally include IT (information technology because it can pay well in our economy), licensed or certified positions (attorney, accountant or educator, for example), or self-employed. All of these are good answers, but they are all wrong. Only 1 out of 100 clients ever gets it right.

All my clients without a high school degree or GED equivalent that earn higher annual incomes ($100,000 to $500,00 to $700,00 and more) are in sales, not as salaried employees but working on a commission basis, being paid a commission percentage on the amount of income they produce for a company or organization.

As you continue to walk down the work road of life, understand that sales is the second highest paid profession on planet Earth. It is probable that only 5% or less of the adult working population is involved in direct sales, that is because 97% (perhaps an exaggeration) of people would not be caught dead selling.

Most people would never be in sales because they can’t stand rejection, they view rejection as failure, or they think too many salespeople are not honest or are in it for their own gain, rather than serving the needs of the buyer or the general public.

That is why people in sales, especially people who are good at selling, make a lot more money than managers, supervisors or worker bees. We live in a capitalist system that rewards salespeople for producing income for companies or organizations, this is a merit system that rewards production; this system is made for workers who have ambition, work hard and improve their employability by acquiring degrees, licenses or certifications so their skills and experience become more lucrative.

Men can make excellent money ($100,000) with only a high school degree in an number of occupations.

Women can also make excellent money with only a high school degree, but they tend to do it generally in three ways:

1) They own their own business, usually a small business that is very profitable. Some research organizations report that there are more small business owners making $100,000+ than in any other job or occupation.

2) They work in commissioned sales rather than salaried sales. A sharp woman can many times outsell a man because of the dynamics between the sexes. A sharp woman calling on a male client many times gets more time and attention than a male calling on the same client.

3) They work in a financially-related position, such as a stockbroker, mortgage banker, mortgage broker, loan officer or chief financial officer.

Here is some information you can use if you are a high school graduate and have zero interest in getting a bachelor’s degree at this point in your work career: go into sales if you have any people skills or personality.

Sales is the second highest paid profession in the world, and it does not usually require a college degree. There are some corporate sales jobs that do require a degree, but there are many more opportunities available if you can generate sales production.

There is not a single business in America that cannot benefit from more sales, and almost every business will pay for sales production.

Here is some even better news: If you are selling and producing big time and the owner or company is too cheap to compensate you at the level you should be compensated at ($100,000+++), dump the owner or company and sell for someone else.

A far better idea would be to start your own business, go into competition directly against the cheap owner or company that would not pay you, and wipe them off the map.

There really is no reason you should be working for someone else anyway. Working in your own business can be an outstanding deal. You call your own shots. You will not fire yourself, lay yourself off, or deny yourself promotions, fat bonuses for production, outstanding benefit packages, and a lot of time off to enjoy your money and family.

The 9 examples listed above have 7 positions that amount to no more than hired help, that includes the Chief Executive position. Only the Dentist and Lawyer positions might be either self-employed or hired help.

All nine examples cited by the Bureau of Labor Statistics have more stress than anyone needs and are labor intensive. Even the Dentist and Lawyer positions, which might be self-employed, require them to report to work or not get paid. If a Mac truck runs over them, their income stops in a heartbeat.

Has anyone ever heard of income-producing investments when these job opportunities come up? Income producing assets allow you to take possession of your own time while your investment throws off the income to fund your lifestyle without working a job.

It might be fancy to have any of those nine jobs with status and making $100,000 a year. Some people would rather make $250,000 a year and not have a job, have a boss, and deal with the stress.

Here is a rare career path: Own the business, company or organization and hire the six-figure people in the examples above to work for you. When they generate $1 million in annual company income to be paid $100,000 in compensation, there are owners who would gladly pay the above examples of their $100,000 wage when you the owner could make $250,000 free and clear and essentially not work.

Who needs status and aggravation when you have money?


From Meyer:

“I am grateful to have met Ed Bagley. I wouldn’t have landed that tenure-track position without him. Early on, he asked me to send him a copy of my resume. After reviewing it, he called me back and said, ‘Your resume is a disaster, can we meet?’ I must admit, I was taken aback by the ‘tough love,’ but Ed took that resume and the information I provided him, and he crafted a new and vastly improved resume that literally blew me away.

Ed told me a person who writes their own resume will usually undersell themselves. He corrected a lot of little things — some were subconsciously subtle — that projected a negative image of myself. Example: a big header page in front of the resume with name and title of ‘Ph.D’ in big, bold letters really tells an employer that you are desperate. It doesn’t project self-confidence. We fixed that — and many other little things — with better wording and proper placement.

When I got invited for an interview, Ed took the time to sit down and help me rehearse answers to some 20 interview questions I thought the hiring committee might ask. This process was most helpful. I rehearsed and studied the answers to those questions — with all of Ed’s suggestions, revisions, and edits built in.

The preparation paid off, I felt confident in the interview. Even though it may not have been my best interview performance, nonetheless, my answers were substantive because I rehearsed and I was prepared.
I got the job!

Ed guided me every step of the way — from resume writing to interview preparation. Thanks, Ed, for all your help, guidance, and expertise. You gave so freely of your time to teach me and to show me the right way to do things. I am forever grateful.”

From Kevin:

“Hi Ed,

Thank you for your resume services. Prior to having my resume done by you, I had struggled to secure interviews. I just graduated from the University (of Washington) and was working a temp job trying to find my path to a career.

After getting my resume done by you, I was able to get 3 interviews in a week and a half. Though your resumes get noticed, I think what helped me the most were your interview tips.

That paid the price of the resumes 10-fold. Now, I am in a career that I absolutely love, and I have you to thank for helping me reach there.
Thank you.”

From Richelle:

“I had forgot to email you that I got a job at the same company I was working at ‘DeVita’.

I was hired two weeks after I saw you. I totally love it and am very blessed to have a job!

Thank you for everything that you did for me. Have a wonderful and blessed Holiday.”

From Christian:

Separating from the U. S. Army where I was making 42k/yr. Sent my resume in on Friday and had a job offer on Monday for 80k plus benefits. This man does great work and has multiple packages for everyone’s needs. Highly recommended.

From Amber:

Mr. Bagley is a pleasure to work with, professional and knowledgeable about all things related to self-marketing and personal branding. I was amazed at all the positive feedback I received after getting a brochure product and received multiple offers with in the first week. I would highly recommend AAA Quality Resumes!

From Keith:

From our first phone call to delivery of my resume and cover letter, Mr. Bagley’s organization in thought along with his ability to capture and present information from our information gathering meetings was stellar!

Very organized (I mention this twice as it’s important to feel confident), thorough and complete, his ability to present my information in a fashion to better market my personality, professional accomplishments and goals with confidence is one you will marvel at. You can feel his 30+ years of experience come through the phone, in person interviews, and ultimately the end product!

Ed was always quick to respond to my emails, phone calls to reschedule, and my pressure to deliver my resume’ before the deadline. I counted on Mr. Bagley recently and shall the need arise, I will have no reservations to reach out to him again in the future.

Local – (Washington) or not – (U.S.A), call ED!

Thank you, Sir! GREAT JOB!

From Jeremy:

With Mr. Bagley’s help on my Resume, I had multiple offers and was able to pick what company that I wanted to work for.

From Justin:

I reached out to Ed looking for a new resume to start a hunt for a new job. My initial consultation with him showed me everywhere I had been wrong in my resume writing. He sent me home with a very in-depth information gathering form to make sure every aspect was captured that needed to be on a resume. The final product was incredible! The new resume landed me several interviews and I accepted a position making 48% more than my previous job. I can’t praise Ed and his work enough for helping me in this process.

In a world of contacting people behind a computer screen and paying for a final product, Ed’s process is extremely personal. Sitting down with him face to face during every step of the process was very nice. If you’re on the fence about his services, my advice is DO IT. The price may seem expensive to some, but investing in your career will quickly pay off and your return on investment will be huge.

Thank you Ed for your services and help, I will be back for edits in the future!

From Tami:

“Hey Ed! Guess what? The job I told you I was applying for — I GOT IT.

I am the new GIS Manager for Thurston County. Long application process, multiple interviews, lots of reference checks, great feedback on the resume. Brought extra copies, which was appreciated. Awesome. Thanks!”

From Josh:

“Mr. Bagley,

Just wanted you to know your resume you made me was awesome and I did get the job!

I am now a lead firefighter on McChord. Thanks!”

From Jonathon:

I recently moved from out of state and was in need of finding employment. I found Ed through Google and his reviews were amazing. After our first meeting, I realized that I had been underselling myself and started realizing my true potential.

He is an amazing writer and knows how to focus on your most positive attributes. Everyone I have shown these resumes to have exclaimed on the professional look as well as their content.

I would like to add that after ever contact with Ed, I left with a large confirmation and confidence in my talent and abilities. I now have multiple companies offering me an opportunity to make more than I have in any of my previous positions.

Thank you Ed.

From Kimberly in Bonn, Germany:

“Your letter dated Nov. 25, 1996 finally caught up to me. I now live in Bonn, Germany. I’m writing to give you my testimonial for your upcoming book, that is if it’s not too late.

I went to you seeking help on writing a resume to obtain an Administrative Assistant position when we arrived in Tacoma from Southern California via Mississippi. One week later I had a beautifully written resume in my hot little hands.

Now here comes the best part. I brought my resume with me to MultiCare Health System (Tacoma General and Mary Bridge Children’s Hospitals) to apply for a secretarial position.
Even though I still had to fill out the application,
I was hired in the Fund Development Department because of the extra effort put forth by providing
a resume.

The resume provided information that a regular job application doesn’t. Along with my standard qualifications, it included many noteworthy accomplishments that qualified me even more for the position.

Now it gets even better. Because my husband is in the United States Air Force, we were lucky enough to receive an assignment to Ramstein Air Base, Germany.

Because I didn’t have any time to have my resume redone by you before we left, I scanned it into the computer and added my most recent job and submitted it to the Civilian Personnel Office on base and, because of its contents, I am the Commander’s secretary in the base legal office, which is the biggest overseas legal office in the Air Force.

I have a tremendous amount of responsibility here and my supervisor has a lot of faith in me. Thank you for helping me and others obtain the positions we deserve.”

From Ann:

“Hello, Ed! Just wanted to update you on the job that
I applied for here at American Lake VA. Yes, I did get the job! Will be starting orientation soon.

For the first time in my 24 years of nursing, (I) will actually be working days, Monday-Fridays, no weekends, no holidays.

Thank you for all the help and advice you’ve given me. Take care.”

From Ole:

“I showed my resume to a local business leader and he felt it was one of the best presented resumes he had ever seen. I was hired after distributing only one resume.”

From L. W.:

“’Sharp-looking resume!’ ‘Impressive!’ These are just two of the comments I heard from managers describing the resume brochure Ed Bagley developed for me. Not only did Ed prepare an attractive and professional product, but he also gave me some helpful advice for presenting the resume appropriately during the interview process.

One of his recommendations was to carry several originals of my resume and offer them to those conducting the interview. He emphasized the importance of this, regardless of whether or not I had previously mailed one to the organization.

This worked out extremely well for me in one particular interview that led to a job offer!

In applying for the position, I followed the instructions in the job announcement and mailed my resume to the Human Resources (HR) office. Because this was a large, state-run organization, the HR office was located in one city while the director responsible for hiring the individual for the position was located in another. Subsequently, one of the HR representatives provided the director a copy of my resume via facsimile.

The quality in the appearance of the faxed resume could not compare to the original Ed prepared. As a result, the director was eager and appreciative in accepting the original I offered at the interview.

Since the only copy of my resume had been faxed to the director, the other three company representatives each received their first copy (an original) at the interview. Ed’s advice seemed insignificant at the time, but I now believe it contributed to a polished and professional interview presence.”

From Ash:

Ed Bagley is a true master at what he does. I strongly recommend him if you want to get ahead in your career or embark on a new career path. The resume he crafted for me a few years ago has helped unlock multiple opportunities for me as a sub-contractor that I am sure would not have otherwise presented themselves. Just recently I made a few slight updates to the original resume and was able to land a new writing job at my top rate, giving me the most money I have ever earned in one chunk for a project. My career would not be what it is without his expertise and wisdom.

From Darin:

Five stars is usually a sign of typical Internet over-rating, but not in Ed’s case. I’ve been working with Ed for 25 years. I’ll call him to set up a phone or in-person meeting for everything from resumes to business plans. It just doesn’t pay to do a project myself, when I have access to a professional who has more skill and experience in writing than I will ever possess.

The real value of working with Ed is that his knowledge of business is light years ahead of a typical professional writer. I often challenge his decisions and ask for an explanation behind his logic. In addition to the final product, each meeting contains a great learning experience, if you’re open to it.

From Natalie:

Ed has become a great mentor, cheerleader, and friend. The amount of zeal and passion he has put into my beautifully executed resume and cover letter has already paid off. Invest in Ed’s services and you won’t regret it.

From Sherri:

Mr Bagley is truly amazing! I did an extensive search for resume writers due to my different jobs I’ve had. Being military, we moved around a lot, so I had various positions over the years. My resume was literally a hot mess!!! I had so much documentation, awards, federal paperwork, military and government contracting….let’s just say I gave him a run for his money! He was able to put all that paperwork in a professional looking resume and cover-letter. He gives you the conversions files for posting online in Word to make it easy for you in whatever is needed.

Very personable and makes you feel comfortable from the start. My resume looks fantastic and I cannot wait to start applying for jobs. Thanks Mr. Bagley!

From Jim:

Ed is a professional writer and businessman. Ed combines these experiences with his knowledge of business and industry, integrated technology, people and transformational leadership to deliver a quality resume. And you’ll gain more than just a resume; you’ll receive excellent counsel and a great friend for life. Thanks Ed!

From Maria:

“Ed Bagley is by far the BEST and most knowledgeable resume professional in the business! He does detailed work and is an ongoing resource even past delivering you the finished product.

He really cares about his clients and goes above and beyond for his clients through the whole process. I would highly recommend his services. You will not regret making a choice to go with the best resume service around.”

From Susan:

“When I first walked into your office I was scared and apprehensive. I knew I had to make a career change, but didn’t know how.

I also thought all resume services were the same and expensive. After meeting with you, seeing your work and meeting with other career services, I decided you were the best for the best price.

The response I received to your well-prepared resume was literally overwhelming.

I had responses from practically every company I sent a resume to. I had one woman call and say, ‘Although you’re not really qualified for this position, I wanted to meet with you because your resume is so impressive’. I decided not to meet with her because, after hearing more about the position, I didn’t want it. I ended up taking a position with a pharmaceutical company, something I’ve wanted to do since graduating from college.

Not only was I able to change careers but I also did not have to take less salary or perks. This leads me to conclude that my resume was written expertly to open doors and shows how my previous experience could cross over to another career.

Lastly, Ed is an understanding and compassionate man who helped me define my goals. The extras above and beyond the resume helped immensely, and I am looking forward to the partnership I can expect in managing my career choices! Thanks again.”

From Marcus:

“Ed Bagley has been a great help in the process of me finally being employed.

Thanks to his quality resumes and experience, he helped me market my skills and abilities. The first thing my present employer told me after seeing my resume was, ‘Nice presentation.’

Thanks again, Ed, for all of your help.”

From Darin:

“Few people realize the pitfalls and underlying complexity associated with resume writing.

Ed’s advice can help anyone to not only avoid making crucial mistakes but also project the most favorable image possible.

Over three decades of experience has put Ed at the top of his field. Anyone from a corporate executive to a high school student can benefit a great deal from his knowledge.”

From Patricia:

“The resume Ed prepared for me got me an interview every time! And they always mentioned how impressed they were with my resume.”

From John:

“I was extremely impressed with the work Ed did on my resume. He not only put my work history on paper but managed to ‘package’ my background and experience, and relate it to future career goals.

This, in combination with the high quality products Ed uses, layout, and design measures, produced a final product of which I was very proud.

Of course my liking it is one thing, but the proof came in the form of actual verbal compliments and positive feedback from prospective employers.
I am 100% convinced that Ed’s expertise helped with my recent employment.”

From Gary K.:

“Ed Bagley did the one task I absolutely dreaded – got me started. The resume is the first and primary tool I need in my search for employment. I tried several times myself, but I never felt comfortable with my product.

Ed’s view of my worth to prospective employers was honest and exhaustive, but more important, gave me a resume I felt comfortable to present.”

From Arthur:

“Dear Ed,

Just a quick note to thank you for your time and energy in putting my resume together. The result looks quite professional.

I am feeling very fortunate in having a mentor like you.”

From Jim:


Your reputation brought me to you. Your integrity introduced me to possibilities, and your character is one that is rare in this world.

You are one of a handful of honorable men I have been privileged to know in my life.”

From Sara:

“Dear Ed,

Thanks for your generosity. You are a very kind and thoughtful person.

I really wanted to say thank you again for EVERYTHING you have given Patrick and I. I hope soon I will be able to thank you with more than a card! I can’t wait to start really making the $$$$$.”

From Bill:


I appreciate your help and moral wisdom.
Thanks again.”

From Gary and Susan:


Susan and I are overwhelmed by your generosity. That you would reserve significant parts of two days just to help us is well beyond want any reasonable person could expect.

And not only are you sharing business information, but you are also providing life advice.

Regardless of the outcome of our business venture, we want you to know that what you have already offered will have a long-term benefit — not only to us, but to others — because we intend to model your generosity. It is our hope to serve in many ways.

Thank you for re-enforcing our commitment to others and for providing the example.”

To discover how Quality Resumes by Ed Bagley can set you on a clear path to continued future success, call me at 253-565-6484 or 800-965-6484 for more information today!

Here’s Just One
Happy Client:

Susan found out what excellent presentation can do

From Susan:
“When I first walked into your office I was scared and apprehensive.
I knew I had to make a career change, but didn’t know how. I also thought all resume services were the same and expensive. After meeting with you, seeing your work and meeting with other career services,
I decided you were the best for the best price.

“The response I received to your well-prepared resume was literally overwhelming. I had responses from practically every company I sent a resume to. I had one woman call and say, ‘Although you’re not really qualified for this position, I wanted to meet with you because your resume is so impressive’. I decided not to meet with her because, after hearing more about the position, I didn’t want it. I ended up taking a position with a pharmaceutical company, something
I’ve wanted to do since graduating from college.

“Not only was I able to change careers but
I also did not have to take less salary or perks. This leads me to conclude that my resume was written expertly to open doors and show how my previous experience could cross over to another career. Lastly, Ed is an understanding and compassionate man who helped me define my goals. The extras above and beyond the resume helped immensely, and
I am looking forward to the partnership I can expect in managing my career choices! Thanks again.”

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